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There are three different medical practices, each using the phrase “Hibiscus Women’s Care” in their names. These practices are COMPLETELY SEPARATE “Care Centers” and are only related to each other by virtue of their shared status as subsidiaries of Florida Woman Care, LLC. Each physician owner independently manages his or her individual group, and medical records may only be accessed by the providers in each individual patient’s Care Center.
Why Are The Practices' Names So Similar?

HIBISCUS OB/GYN PHYSICIANS, PA, was incorporated in 1998 by Rebecca Wagaman, MD. Drs. Patricia Zylman and Bradford Wolk joined the practice in 2001 and 2004, respectively, and became partners in 2006.

In 2011, the physicians agreed to dissolve HIBISCUS OB/GYN PHYSICIANS to become a subsidiary of Florida Woman Care, LLC, which is a large single-specialty ob/gyn group based in Boca Raton, Florida. The “new” practice was named “Hibiscus Women’s Care, LLC”. This affiliation afforded many administrative advantages not available to a smaller corporation. Shortly after the group joined Florida Woman Care, Drs. Zylman and Wolk requested that the parent corporation provide separate accounting for each physician. This required the formation of two additional corporations (each one a subsidiary of Florida Woman Care). The three similar business names initially made sense because the partners continued to share managerial and billing staff, ultrasound and lab personnel, and the same physical space.

Shortly after the “financial separation” occurred, Drs. Zylman and Wolk completely separated from the original “Hibiscus Women’s Care” practice and moved into their own facilities. Despite concerns that the similar names would cause confusion for patients, a mediator determined that all former partners were entitled to continue to use the phrase “Hibiscus Women’s Care” in their corporate names.

Dr. Wagaman retained the original shared corporate name, “Hibiscus Women’s Care, LLC”. Dr. Wolk’s subsidiary became “Dr. Bradford Wolk Hibiscus Women’s Care, LLC”, and Dr. Zylman’s subsidiary became “Hibiscus Women’s Care of Brevard, LLC”.

We sincerely hope the provision of contact information for each practice will help eliminate some of the confusion on the part of current and former patients of each group.